Dragon Tiger Online Game | Exciting Bet Types in the Card Game

Dragon Tiger card game is one of the best casino games, taking the online gaming industry by storm with its fast-paced gameplay, simple rules, and bigger payouts. But these are not the only factors that make this game exciting; it’s also the wide variety of bets players can place, each with exciting payouts.

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In this article, we’ll explore the different types of bets in Dragon Tiger and how to make the most of each.

How Does Dragon Tiger Game Work?

Before you learn about the different types of bets available in Dragon Tiger, it is essential to understand how the online card game works. The Dragon Tiger online game uses a standard deck of 52 cards. Its simplicity makes it easy to learn, and the quick rounds make it a popular game among betting enthusiasts. The game’s goal is to bet which card, the Dragon or the Tiger, will have the higher value.

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The game begins with the dealer placing one card face up on the Dragon and another on the Tiger side. After placing the cards, players can bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger side. They can also bet on a Tie, meaning they believe both cards will have the same value. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer reveals the cards and determines the winner.

Types of Bets Available in Dragon Tiger Card Game

The online card game offers a variety of betting options for players. Let us look at the different types of bets available in the Dragon Tiger online game.

Dragon Tiger Online Game Bet Types:

1. Dragon
2. Tiger
3. Tie
4. Suited Tie

Let us look at all of the four Dragon Tiger game bet types in detail:

Dragon Bet:

This bet is placed on the Dragon’s side. The player predicts the Dragon hand will have a higher value card than the Tiger hand. If the player’s prediction is correct, the payout is 1:1.

Tiger Bet:

This bet is placed on the Tiger’s side. The player predicts whether the Tiger hand will have a higher value card than the Dragon hand. If the player’s prediction The payout for the Tiger bet is 1:1.

Tie Bet:

A third type of bet in Dragon Tiger is the Tie bet, which is placed on the outcome of a tie. The player predicts that both sides will have cards of equal value. If the player’s prediction is correct, the payout is 11:1.

 Suited Bet:

In the Suited Bet, players can bet on a tie with both hands having the same suit. This bet offers even higher odds, around 50:1.

The Return to Player (RTP) for Dragon and Tiger is the same – 96.27%. For Tie and Suited Tie, the RTPs are 89.64% and 86.02%. Also, half of the main bet is returned in the case of Tie and Suited Tie bets.

Concluding Thoughts

The Dragon online game offers an enjoyable experience. Whether you prefer to bet on the Dragon or Tiger hand, a tie, or a suited tie, this card game provides big winnings. Place bets on the Dragon Tiger game and win big!

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