Top Food Dishes To Try From Andhra Restaurants In Bangalore

Being in the city of Bangalore, you will be exposed to countless national and international cuisines to enjoy to the fullest. Because why not, the city houses numerous top level restaurants serving the best foods. This time, we are talking about the prime delicacies from  Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. These restaurants have surprised people with the best overall foods from the cuisine. Here are some of the must-order ones. 

Fish is the first thought that comes to mind when we talk about food in Andhra. Afterall, these regions are popularly known for their seafood. You will find Chepa Pulusu in one of the popular Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. This variety of fish curry is a piquant dish where fish is tossed in tamarind sauce and assorted in numerous spicy Indian flavours. With the mix of herbs, spices and oils, this fish curry rules the andhra flavours. Moreover, it is also denoted as one of the traditional foods in the city.

  • Pulihora

Tamarind is said to be one such staple ingredient to be used in the food culture of Andhra. Pulihora, one such exotic dish, is another example of the same. Pulihora raises the mark of taste with the enriched spicy flavour for giving a sour and salty taste. This dish particularly emphasises on tamarind with curry leaves, mustard seeds and tomatoes. While the dish is often known for being a patent in special gatherings and festivities, this authentic dish can be usually found in Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. Try this if you are looking for the perfectly authentic dish in the city. 

  • Pesarattu

If you are looking for delicious and authentic breakfast from Andhra while being in Bangalore, then Pesarattu is the dish to try. It is particularly a dosa made with moong dal and several other dosa variants. It is served with the authentic ingredients of coconut chutney and chilli tomato chutney. You will find this dish commonly in the authentic Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. Here, the native Pesarattu flavour is a huge cherry on top of the cake. 

  • Gongura Chicken Ambadi

Being another authentic delicacy from the Andhra region, Gongura chicken is one of the must haves for all those who love to relish the Andhra flavour. If you are fond of the tasty tangy flavours, then this spicy chicken dish can be a must try. In this, the pickle includes fiery spicy pickle cooked with Ambadi leaves. This tasty treat of Chicken with pickle chutney makes it a must in Maharashtra. Made with numerous spices, this Andhra dish is served with ample spices, rice and hot chapatis. 

  •  Andhra Chicken Biryani

While Hyderabad is the first place coming to mind while talking about biryani, Andhra biryani also makes its landmark. Andhra has redefined some of the most palatable options with pulao and biryani recipes served here. Here, the biryani flavour involves authentic Andhra cooked chicken flavour. This is made with rice, involving an aromatic and rich combination of herbs and spices. This gives a tender taste to the rice. With this, it is also tossed with 

vegetables and mixed with chicken, being utterly rich. This dish is a must try from Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. 

  • Punugulu

This Andhra delicacy is a must try for all those who crave for evening hunger. For them, Punugulu is a must order from Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. This dish is made in idli batter and deep fried to give a golden brown texture. Call it crunchy, crispy, soft from inside and tender from outside, this snack is everything. This dish served with classic coconut chutney for giving the perfect Southern taste to the dish. 

  • Gutti Vankaya Koora

Being one of the most unique dishes, you must try this dish if you want to eat something different this time. This dish is made with stuffed eggplants accompanied with roasted spicy herbs and seasonings. This gives a perfect flavour to the dish. Its curry is also thick, giving a fresh smell to mustard seeds and tamarind. Your mouth will start watering even in the name of seeing this delicacy. If you want to try this aromatic delicacy for dinner, then rice and ghee rotis will fill your stomach completely.

  • Dondakaya Fry

Who does not want to try the homestyle food recipes served in Andhra? This native city has pioneered with the exclusive Indian taste, spiciness and tenderness. Dondakaya fry is one such example of the same. This fry item is prepared with Ivygourd curry, popularly known as Kundru, Tondli, Parwal and so many other languages in the country. This is one of the healthy foods to include in your diet, because it is loaded with boats and vitamins. Also, this fry dish is a great detoxifier. Its curry is also prepared with spices and nuts, giving a fabulous nutty taste. Savour this with rasam, hot roti and rice. You will thoroughly enjoy it. 

  • Medu Vada

This is one of the most favourite South Indian dishes to be admired in the native kitchen. From the regions of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu to all the way to Andhra restaurants in Bangalore, this dish travels successfully throughout. You can call it a salty donut, because it has a similar shape. However, it is cooled with many ingredients with urad dal. If you are ever hungry or need something to tantalise the taste buds, then this dish is it. 

These are all the foods from the Andhra restaurants in Bangalore that you should definitely try. And the best part! You do not have to worry about the hustling traffic as each of these can be delivered directly to your doorstep. For this, head straight to Swiggy. This online platform houses all the restaurants in town. Order whatever you like and from wherever you like. You will get everything straight to your doorstep with Swiggy. 

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